About Us

The Dragon House is the exclusive agent of Imperial Arowana farm in New Zealand. We supplies Asian Arowana only in New Zealand hand selecting premium quality fish from Imperial farms in Asia. We focus on providing the following:

  1. Exceptional Quality Control including selecting the best quality fish possible for each variety
  2. Choose from stock, or import the specific fish you want
  3. Send us a picture and we will match the fish and quote you a price
  4. An unlimited range of varieties and species available directly to your door
  5. All our fish are fully certified and licensed for sale
  6. Show class fish and Rare varieties
  7. An open honest service providing you with the facts and best prices possible

We have developed long standing relationships across Asia with Arowana breeders and we are the exclusive agent of Imperial Arowana farm in New Zealand. We always hand pick fishes from our supplier. Our selection are quality controlled before shipping and our shippers specialise in the transport of Live Goods and fish to any city of NZ.

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace was founded by Mr. Vincent Chong in 2003, they provide high quality Asian Arowana exports worldwide.

Mr Chong is a renowned arowana expert in Super Reds selection, having a special branding as VIP Selected Reds for top quality Blood Reds which Arowana hobbists from around the world recognize and acknowledged. Imperial specialize in the exports of high quality Asian Arowana species like VIP Red, VIP Xback, RTG, Banjar Red which are sourced from reputable CITES registered farms in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore .

High quality arowana, reasonable pricing, honesty and excellent service is our philosophy to fulfill each of our valuable customer personal satisfaction.

Imperial Palace is focused on providing our customers with the specialized expertise required to meet their fish hobby challenges and requirements. We take an objective approach firmly centered on customer needs in all of our work. Our solutions will leverage your fish keeping experience.

Below are the AWARDS Imperial won for the last few years

Aquarama 2005 Young Red Category:

Qian Hu Arowana Competition 2004 Results:

Category B (Adult Malaysia Cross Back)
1st Runner-up (Vincent) B7
Consolation (Vincent) B9
Category D (Red Tail Gold)
Champion (Vincent) D10
Consolation (Vincent) D11

Category C (Adult Malaysia Cross Back)
1st Runner-up (Vincent) C5
Consolation (Vincent) C9
Consolation (Vincent) C10
Category I (Special Open Entry)
2nd Runner-up(Vincent) I9
Consolation (Vincent) I13
Consolation (Vincent) I7

Category F (Young Malaysia Cross Back)
2nd Runner-up (Vincent) F8
Consolation (Vincent) F1